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Buy and Swap Books!
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A place to sell/swap books!!
buymybooks !!

A place to sell/swap great books!
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Include every entry under an LJ cut!!!
To sell/swap a book, you MUST post:
Your name
E-mail address(to exchange addresses)
Name/Author of the Book
Price you're offering for the book(including shipping and handling!)
Form of payment(paypal, money order, check, etc)
A small photo of the book
A description of the book's conditions
What's the book about?

If you would like to buy a book, you MUST:
Comment the entry of the book you'd like
Proceed to e-mail the seller if they are willing to sell you the book!
Remember your manners!

To SWAP a book, just comment on the entry of the book you'd like to swap with and offer a book to trade!

Please add the community to your friend's list! How else will you know what books are available to buy/swap!?
Tell your friends about the community! The more books to choose from, the better!!